An Update on White Blood Cell Disorders


Description: Neutrophils are the first line of defense against bacterial and fungal pathogens, and their importance and critical functional pathways have been illuminated by studies of patients with inherited or acquired defects in neutrophil number or function. This session will summarize key features and new insights into the pathogenesis of these disorders, along with updates on diagnosis and management.

Dr. Christoph Klein will discuss the evolving spectrum of genetic defects affecting the differentiation of neutrophil granulocytes, which has been expanding in the genomics era. These discoveries have also led to an understanding of fundamental biological principles with therapeutic relevance.

Dr. Peter Newburger will summarize the major causes of acquired neutropenia, with a focus on autoimmune neutropenia. In addition, he will discuss current approaches to evaluation and management of these patients.

Dr. Mary Dinauer will provide an update on inherited disorders affecting neutrophil function, each of which has distinctive clinical features and treatment strategies. These include leukocyte adhesion deficiency, chronic granulomatous disease, and susceptibility to invasive fungal infection due to defects in CARD9.


  • Mary C. Dinauer, MD, PhD
  • Christoph Klein, MD, PhD
  • Peter E. Newburger, MD


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