Common Consults in Thrombosis


The hematology consultant is often asked to provide recommendations for the prevention and treatment of thrombosis in high risk patients for whom evidence-based guidelines may not be available. This session will address the management of patients at risk for thrombosis due to obesity, inflammatory conditions such as inflammatory bowel disease, kidney or liver disease, and cancer.

Dr. Lentz will discuss management challenges in patients who have an elevated relative risk of venous thromboembolism due to obesity or inflammatory bowel disease. Questions related to thromboprophylaxis, pharmacology and choice of anticoagulant, biomarkers of disease activity, risk of hemorrhage and duration of anticoagulation therapy will be addressed.

Dr. Ribic will focus on the management of patients with thrombosis in the setting of kidney or liver disease.

Dr. Streiff will update recommendations for the prevention and management of thrombosis in cancer patients.


  • Steven R. Lentz, MD, PhD
  • Christine M. Ribic, MD
  • Michael Streiff, MD


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