Follicular Lymphomas


The past several years have witnessed a dramatic evolution in the treatment, outcomes, and survival of patients diagnosed with follicular lymphoma. Many of these advances can be directly linked to a better understanding of the biology of indolent lymphoma, and to the development of novel, targeted agents with high activity in the disease. This session will focus on new tools that can help identify patients at the highest risk for poor outcomes, cover the development of novel agents in follicular lymphoma, and discuss how noncytotoxic combinations could become a new standard in the treatment of the disease.

Dr. Carla Casulo will review prognostic models and discuss how new insights into the molecular makeup of follicular lymphoma are leading to the identification of patients at the greatest risk for poor outcomes. She will also discuss the role of positron emission tomography and the implications of early relapse following frontline therapy.

Dr. Laurie H. Sehn will discuss several emerging agents in the pipeline for follicular lymphoma and the results of pivotal recent trials. She will highlight drugs targeting the immune microenvironment, novel monoclonal antibodies, emerging immunotherapeutics, as well as other agents.

Dr. Nathan Fowler will review the success and failure of standard combinations in follicular lymphoma, discuss both the potential benefits as well as the risks of moving toward a chemotherapy-free approach, and review his strategy for developing next-generation regimens.


  • Carla Casulo, MD
  • Nathan Fowler, MD
  • Laurie H. Sehn, MD


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