Hodgkin Lymphoma: Treatment Today and the Challenge for Tomorrow


This session addresses how to improve the outcome of patients with Hodgkin Lymphoma in 2016, beyond that achieved in the last half century, with extended-field megavoltage radiotherapy and combination chemotherapy.

Dr. Johnson will discuss the major trials testing the role of functional imaging, with FDG positron emission tomography (PET), to direct therapy for both early and advanced disease, by escalation or de-escalation of treatment, according to the result.

Dr. Moskowitz will present data about patients in whom the initial treatment fails (approximately 25%). He will draw attention to the relevance of the initial treatment, the response to ‘salvage therapy as determined by PET, prior to myelo-ablative therapy with autologous hematopoietic stem cell support (HSCT). He will also review the incorporation of Brentuxan Vedotan (BV) into salvage therapy, the curative potential of allogeneic HSCT after failure of auto-HSCT and checkpoint inhibitors (CPI) for palliation.

Dr. Van Leeuwen will review currently available data about the late toxicity of radiotherapy and chemotherapy, with particular attention to radiation dose and the specific chemotherapy regimens. She will focus on cardiotoxicity and the risk of second malignancy and draw attention to the great importance of surveillance strategies to minimize the risk of these complications.


  • Peter M. Johnson, MA, MD
  • Craig H. Moskowitz, MD
  • Flora E. Van Leeuwen, PhD


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