Evolving Strategies in Aggressive B-Cell Lymphoma


Progress in understanding the biology of aggressive B-cell lymphoma has paved the way for the testing of novel agents, which has led to many significant clinical advances. As therapies continue to evolve, optimal strategies that are not only informed by clinical and pathologic characteristics but also by tumor biologic factors are emerging.

Dr. Andrew Davies will review controversies in the frontline therapy of diffuse large B-cell lymphoma and discuss which patients should receive tailored therapy. He will summarize the role of cell of origin and tumor biologic factors in the prognosis of newly diagnosed patients and discuss whether they should affect selection of optimal therapy.

Dr. Kieron Dunleavy will discuss recent advances in understanding the molecular biology of primary mediastinal B-cell lymphoma and their clinical impact. He will summarize management controversies, including the optimal management of adolescent primary mediastinal B-cell lymphoma and mediastinal grey zone lymphoma.

Dr. Peter Martin will summarize recent advances in mantle cell lymphoma biology and therapeutics and discuss optimal management for challenging patients. He will discuss whether we have reached an era in which transplantation should be reserved for selected cases given the promising results with novel approaches.


  • Andrew Davies
  • Kieron Dunleavy
  • Peter Martin


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