Practical Aspects of Acute and Chronic Pain Management in Sickle Cell Disease


Pain causes significant suffering for individuals living with sickle cell disease (SCD). Although great strides have been made into the investigation and treatment of acute and chronic SCD pain, development of mechanism-based treatable targets and optimization of the assessment and treatment of pain are essential to improving pain outcomes for individuals with this disease. This session will focus on models of care for pain treatment, pain measurement tools, and mechanism-based therapeutic pain targets.

Dr. Paul Telfer will discuss the spectrum of clinical presentations of acute and chronic pain and challenges to provision of effective, safe, and compassionate pain management. He will provide a critique of current standard of care and offer alternative care pathways, which bypass the emergency department. Dr. Telfer will discuss different methods of opioid use to improve analgesia efficacy and avoid long-term adverse effects as well as new therapeutic approaches for acute pain.

Dr. Amanda Brandow will present an overview of pain measurement tools for SCD. She will discuss the importance of multidimensional pain assessment and review the strengths and limitations of existing pain measurement tools. Dr. Brandow will also discuss investigational pain measurement tools used in the context of SCD pain research and the potential incorporation of these tools into clinical care.

Dr. Kalpna Gupta will present mechanism-based targets that have potential to develop into novel therapeutic strategies to treat and reduce SCD pain, including pharmacologic and complementary medicine approaches. She will summarize the current understanding of the pathobiology of sickle pain, challenges of existent therapy, and recent advancements in multidisciplinary interventions to improve analgesic outcomes.


  • Amanda M. Brandow
  • Kalpna Gupta
  • Paul Telfer


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