Blood and Beyond: The Art of Perception


Scientifically and clinically, the study of blood commands a professional engagement that can lead hematologists to lose sight of the complex notions held by the non-medical world. This session will showcase art historian Amy E. Herman, whose work shines a unique light on the intersection of medicine and humanity. In her celebrated seminar, The Art of Perception, Ms. Herman has trained experts from many fields how to perceive and communicate better. By showing people how to look closely at images, she helps them hone their visual intelligence, a set of skills all individuals possess but that few know how to use effectively. Ms. Herman has spent more than a decade teaching doctors to observe patients instead of their charts, helping police officers separate facts from opinions when investigating a crime, and training professionals from the Federal Bureau of Investigation, the State Department, Fortune 500 companies, and the military to recognize the most pertinent and useful information. Her lessons highlight far more than the physical objects you may be missing; they teach you how to recognize visual clues. Ms. developed and conducts all sessions of The Art of Perception using the analysis of works of art to improve perception and communication.


  • Amy E. Herman


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