Special Session on Systems-Based Hematology


The systems-based hematologist is a unique career opportunity for hematologists in both university and community-practice. Employed in part or full by a hospital or health care system, this hematologist optimizes individual patient care for patients with blood diseases. This hematologist also ensures that patients with blood disorders or requiring blood-derived products throughout the health system receive high-quality care that is evidence-based and consistent with nationally accepted guidelines.

This second yearly session on systems-based hematology is an opportunity for education and networking among those in or interested in practice in systems-based hematology. Speakers will highlight examples of key roles and skills for systems-based hematologists in a number of health care systems, after which a representative of this community will solicit input on the educational needs of this community. The sessions will followed by a speed networking event.


  • Nathan T. Connell
  • Colleen Morton
  • Ravi Sarode


Member Type Price
List Price $30.00
Active, International, Emeritus, and Honorary Members $20.00
Associate, International Associate, Student, and Resident Members $20.00
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