Approach to the Treatment of the Young, Fit Patient With Myeloma: From Diagnosis to Relapse


In this session, speakers will present a case of a newly diagnosed patient with multiple myeloma, but in otherwise good health, who requests consultation about optimal management. With a back and forth exchange in a debate style format, Drs. Saad Usmani and Sergio Giralt will present their individual recommendations and rationales for induction therapy, stem cell transplantation/consolidation therapy, and maintenance therapy. Each speaker will discuss how new technologies will influence diagnostic testing, such as the role of gene expression profiling and of measuring minimal residual disease. The session will then follow the therapeutic choices and resulting outcomes for this patient with subsequent discussion about the sequencing of the suite of therapies for relapsing disease. Each speaker will discuss his views on the timing for implementation of allogeneic stem cell transplantation and for the emerging CAR T-cell therapies.


  • Saad Usmani, MD
  • Sergio Giralt, MD


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