AYA: Big Children or Small Adults? Leukemia Treatment in Adolescence


Adolescent and young adult (AYA) patients (age range 15-39 years) with acute leukemia are a unique population with specific cancer care needs. Management of AYAs with leukemia requires an understanding of age-related differences in disease biology, identification of optimal treatment regimens based on current evidence, and the ability to provide adequate psychosocial support during and after therapy. In this session, we will continue to explore why outcomes in AYAs remain inferior compared with other age groups. The session will first focus on differences in disease biology between children, AYAs and adults. Specific challenges and long-term morbidities that AYA survivors face will be discussed, and speakers will review factors affecting clinical trial enrollment.

Dr. Kathryn Roberts will summarize recent advances in the genomic profiling of children, AYAs and older adults, and will compare differences in the genomic landscape that may contribute to poor outcome. She will also discuss the identification of new genetic subgroups and their implications for treatment, including Ph-like acute lymphocytic leukemia.

Dr. K. Scott Baker will discuss survivorship issues unique to the AYA population including the physical, social and emotional needs that differ not only from their peers, but also from the needs of younger or older cancer survivors.

Dr. Theresa Keegan will present recent patterns in AYA clinical trial enrollment, will consider variations in enrollment across cancer types, and will discuss barriers and facilitators to clinical trial participation including sociodemographic and treatment-setting characteristics.


  • Kathryn Roberts, PhD
  • K. Scott Baker, MD, MS
  • Theresa Keegan, PhD, MS


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