Hodgkin Lymphoma: Celebrating 200 Years Since Thomas Hodgkin Entered Medicine


In the recent past, advances in the understanding of Hodgkin lymphoma including insights to the biology of the Reed Sternberg cell and the associated immune microenvironment have rapidly evolved. This knowledge has led to the development of novel drugs and approaches to the disease. This session will discuss unique aspects of Hodgkin lymphoma in elderly patients including the selection of optimal therapy. It will review the rationale for and the use of immunotherapy and targeted agents in the disease. Lastly, the session will explore the financial implications incorporating novel agents into the management of newly diagnosed patients.

Dr. Andrew Evens will review the incidence, biology, clinical presentation, and prognostication for older Hodgkin lymphoma (HL) patients. He will discuss the relevance of geriatric functional measures in the initial assessment and treatment of older patients. Dr. Evens will evaluate past and current treatment options analyzing efficacy and tolerability and provide recommendations for older HL patients with untreated and relapsed/refractory disease. He will also examine the integration of novel therapeutic agents into treatment paradigms.

Dr. Ann LaCasce will review the biology of Hodgkin lymphoma with a focus on the immune microenvironment and the identification of novel therapeutic targets. She will discuss novel agents and immunotherapy approaches in the upfront and relapsed setting.

Dr. Scott Huntington will use the setting of first-line Hodgkin lymphoma as an exemplar case to discuss drug pricing, cost-effectiveness, and budgetary impact in modern oncology. He will then review value-based initiatives that offer the potential to balance innovation, ensure value, and improve equitable patient access to novel cancer therapies.


  • Scott Huntington
  • Ann LaCasce
  • Andrew Evens


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