From Blood to Single Cells: Emerging Concepts and Technologies


Differentiation from hematopoietic stem cells into the erythroid lineage ensures the generation of more than 200 billion red blood cells per day in a normal human. This session will highlight new insights in the molecular mechanisms of erythropoiesis revealed through the use of cutting-edge molecular, genetic, proteomic and functional methodologies at the single-cell level.

Dr. Bertie Gottgens will provide an overview of single cell technologies, and how they are advancing the understanding of multiple facets of hematology research. His presentation will focus on his lab’s multidisciplinary work combining single cell molecular profiling, bioinformatics analysis and experimental/functional validation. The overarching theme of his talk will highlight the fact that single cell landscapes allow researchers to move seamlessly between different scales of biological investigation, from the molecular to the cellular and whole tissue scale.

Dr. Merav Socolovsky will address how multipotent hematopoietic progenitors commit to the erythroid lineage and the subsequent processes that govern early erythroid progenitor development. Combining single-cell transcriptomics and functional assays, results from her studies reveal that hematopoietic progenitors form a continuous, hierarchical branching structure, in which the erythroid and basophil/mast cell fates are unexpectedly coupled. Novel growth factor signaling and specialized cell cycle remodeling in early erythroid progenitors will also be discussed.

Dr. Marjorie Brand will describe changes in the relative protein levels of transcription factors and cell surface markers during the course of human erythropoiesis. Using targeted mass spectrometry and single-cell mass cytometry, her data shows co-expression of transcription factors from antagonist lineages at the single-cell level in early progenitors. It also demonstrates that ectopic expression of non-erythroid transcription factors is enough to deviate the erythroid trajectory towards non-erythroid lineages. She will also discuss how relative levels of transcription factors drive cell fate decision.


  • Merav Socolovsky
  • Marjorie Brand
  • Bertie Gottgens


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