Special Symposium on Quality: ASH EQUIPS - Learning from Medical Errors and Other Incidents


Medical errors and preventable adverse events are widely recognized as important contributors to patient mortality, morbidity and experience. Incident reporting is an important tool for recognizing adverse events and near-misses, creating a culture of safety, and ultimately driving down the incidence of iatrogenic harm to patients.  This session will explore incident reporting systems and how they contribute to creating safer care.

The first speaker will highlight the importance of creating a culture of reporting and incident learning through the review of a very public campaign in pediatrics.  The second speaker will highlight the value of incident learning as illustrated by the Hemovigilance program, a transfusion incident reporting system.

The latter half of the Symposium will introduce audience members to the ASH Empowering Initiatives in Patient Safety (EQUIPS) Trainee Competition. Residents and fellows will be invited to submit their response to the question “What is one change in clinical practice or care delivery that could improve the safety of care for patients with blood diseases?”  Three finalists will be invited to deliver a five-minute presentation making the case for their suggestion. The panel co-chairs, speakers, and the audience will have the opportunity to ask questions of the presenters, after which the winning presentation will be announced.


  • Richard Brilli
  • Sven Olson
  • Melissa Cumming
  • Abinav Baweja
  • Nicole Held


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List Price $50.00
Active, International, Emeritus, and Honorary Members $35.00
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