Clinical Research Training Institute Mentorship Program



The Clinical Research Training Institute is a program created to produce leaders armed with ideas for clinical hematology research and the tools and resources to make their ideas a reality. It begins with a week-long workshop in La Jolla, California. During the program, participants will learn different research methods as well as work with faculty to improve their project proposals. After the workshop, the mentees are encouraged to maintain communication with their mentors, at least every three months. Small group leaders and participants will meet again at the ASH Annual Meeting in December and finally at the Final Class meeting at ASH HQ in May of the following year.

One of the most important components of CRTI is the mentorship program. The mentorship relationship is an invaluable experience, especially in the world of clinical Hematology. In this webinar, I will discuss:

∙ the expectations of mentors in the CRTI program

∙ the process of mentor/mentee pairing

∙ best practices for being a great CRTI mentor

∙ and how to work with the home mentor

∙ how to handle a mentorship pairing that may not be the right fit


  • Ruben Mesa, MD, FACP, Director and May’s Family Foundation Distinguished University Professor and Chair, UT Health San Antonio Cancer Center

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