ASH Medical Educators Institute (MEI) Alumni Panel



On the webinar, current and former ASH Medical Educators Institute (MEI) participants will share their journey through the program and the impact it had on their careers. Panelists will discuss their capstone project which served as a culminating academic experience for the MEI program. Their projects focused on cutting-edge teaching techniques including interactive and simulation-based training and how to conduct a comprehensive evaluation of programs for hematology trainees. Panelists will also describe the challenges, lessons learned, and best practices they experienced during the design and implementation of their project.

After the webinar, participants will be able to:

∙ Learn innovative teaching techniques for programs focused on hematology trainees

∙ Explore the pitfalls and best practices of medical education program design and implementation

∙ Gain a better understanding of the MEI program and how it has developed leaders in medical education


  • Prakash Vishnu, MD, Virginia Mason Medical Center
  • Eric Tseng, MD, McMaster University

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