Using Surveys as a Medical Educator for Assessing Learner Needs and Program Evaluation



As educators expand their portfolio of teaching tools, it is important to make sure what they are hoping to teach can effectively fill a needed gap for their learners. Surveys are a commonly used tool to get information from learners as they can gather both quantitative and qualitative data. As with all scholarly work, thinking about the information that you hope to gather helps inform the development of your data collection tool. In this webinar for medical educators, we will review the use of surveys to help evaluate learner needs and efficacy of their teaching tools.

After the webinar, participants will:

∙ Understand the pros and cons of survey use as an evaluation tool for educational programs

∙ Be exposed to different types of survey questions and response options

∙ Understand survey item writing pitfalls

∙ Understand evaluation of their survey prior to implementation


  • Tiffany Lin, MD, University of California, San Francisco

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